Process Guard

... a family of products for monitoring of production processes, with the main emphasis on the acquisition and analysis of parameters that determine the quality of the products.


Key Features

  • Possibility of detailed measurement of fast processes by using specialized equipment
  • On-line analysis of measured data
  • Evaluation of monitored parameters according to preset criteria
  • Determining the quality based on the monitored parameters
  • Signalling defective products to the operator
  • Archiving of measured data
  • Storing results of the analysis of qualitative product parameters
  • SPC statistics for evaluation of the quality of the production process

Who Is It For

Process Guard is the system for you if you need
  • an online evaluation of parameters that affect the quality of the production
  • to track progress of fast or very short processes
  • to keep track of the history of the manufacturing of products
  • to analyze the quality of the production process