Efficiency Guard

...a system that allows monitoring of production orders from planning, through processing of individual operations, to completion.


Key Features

  • Reception of the production plan from SAP
  • Commencement and termination of operations by the operator with verification by personal RFID card
  • An overview of the current state of production
  • Monitoring and tracking of usage of key production tools
  • Resource maintenance management
  • Monitoring and categorizing of downtimes
  • Tracking of operators at resources
  • Analytical tools for evaluating production efficiency (OEE)
  • Evaluation of resource utilization
  • Evaluation of downtimes and operators
  • An overview of product quality analysis

Who Is It For

Production Efficiency Guard is the system for you if you need
  • an overview of the actual state of execution of contracts
  • to evaluate effectiveness of production
  • to look for bottlenecks in production
  • to track the work in process
  • an overview of the activities of operators at resources
  • to find solutions for optimizing the production process